Air Quality Modeling
Air Quality Modeling

Assessing, planning and designing new air quality strategies

Getting started

Over the last years the Joint Research Centre at Ispra has developed specific tools and software related to the air quality modeling. Together with tools and software, the Air Quality Modeling (AQM) platform includes documents and data in support to model users at all administrative levels (national, regional urban and local). Some of the tools are still under development and reserved to members of FAIRMODE (Forum for air quality modelling in Europe).

Be involved

Under the terms of the legal notices and license agreements, anybody can freely use any tool of the platform and download any resource avalaible. Users are kindly requested to register to the EU Login (ECAS - one account, many services) and then subscribe to the AQM Platform. Personal credentials are only requested to download common documents, tools and associated components and data or to use web applications.


You can contribute by partecipating to meetings and workshop at FAIRMODE (Forum for air quality modelling in Europe) or by contacting the Air and Climate Unit at the Joint Research Centre in Ispra (IT) sharing your experience with other AQM members and national experts.