Air Quality Modeling
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Methodological Papers

  • Research article
  • Aug 2018
PM2.5 source allocation in European cities: A SHERPA modelling study (2018) Atmospheric Environment, 187, pp. 93-106 (Thunis, P., Degraeuwe, B., Pisoni, E., Trombetti, M., Peduzzi, E., Belis, C.A., Wilson, J., Clappier, A., Vignati, E)
  • Research article
  • Jun 2018

Application Papers

  • Research article
  • Jul 2023
  • Research article
  • Dec 2019
Urban pollution in the Danube and Western Balkans regions: The impact of major PM2.5 sources (2019) Environment International, 133, art. no. 105158 (Belis, C.A., Pisoni, E., Degraeuwe, B., Peduzzi, E., Thunis, P., Monforti-Ferrario, F., Guizzardi, D.)