Catalogue of Air Quality Measures

Catalogue Of Air Quality Measures

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 73 measures available in the database

  Name Q.ty Info Success
Comments  0 Air quality modelling to identify exceeded areas - example UK no successful
Comments  0 Animal House Adaptation partly successful
Comments  0 Austrian Action Programme for Mobility Management for communities no successful
Comments  0 Ban of fuel oil for residential heating - Lombardy no successful
Comments  0 Banning the marketing, sale and distribution of bituminous fuels - Dublin partly successful
Comments  0 Bicycle renting scheme - example Paris partly successful
Comments  0 Biotope Area Factor – Berlin no
Comments  0 Car sharing schemes -example Paris no successful
Comments  0 Central logistics (e.g. for construction) - Berlin, Vienna no successful
Comments  0 Cleaner Taxis - example London no successful
Comments  0 Cleaner vehicles for large private fleets - example US Postal Service no successful
Comments  0 Cleaning of the public transport - example Berlin partly successful
Comments  0 Cleaning of the public transport - example Madrid partly successful
Comments  0 Congestion charge - Gothenburg no successful
Comments  0 Congestion charge - London partly successful
Comments  0 Congestion charge - Milan no successful
Comments  0 Congestion charge - Stockholm partly successful
Comments  0 Construction sites guidance and restrictions no successful
Comments  0 Covered storage of slurry and manure partly successful
Comments  0 Cycle-to-work scheme - Ireland no successful
Comments  0 DPF retrofitting of trucks and buses - example Madrid no successful
Comments  0 Dry flue gas desulfurisation technology using magnesium oxide - Yerakini, Greece yes successful
Comments  0 Ecodriving programs when fuel prices are low - Dublin no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Extension / Introduction of cycling networks, especially cycling highways partly successful
Comments  0 Extension / introduction of tram lines - Nice partly successful
Comments  0 Extension / introduction of tram lines - Paris partly successful
Comments  0 Extension of district heating - example Vienna no successful
Comments  0 Extension of tram lines - Graz partly successful
Comments  0 Fugitive dust measures no successful
Comments  0 Idling reduction schemes - London and US no successful
Comments  0 Information to the public - example London no successful
Comments  0 Integrated construction site traffic management - Vienna no successful
Comments  0 Intensive street cleaning no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Intermodality (e.g. park and ride) no successful
Comments  0 Job tickets no successful
Comments  0 Local air quality management support - UK no successful
Comments  0 Low ammonia manure application methods partly successful
Comments  0 Low emission zone - Berlin partly successful
Comments  0 Low emission zone - Lombardy and Milan no successful
Comments  0 Low emission zone - London partly successful
Comments  0 Low emission zones - Malmö, Stockholm partly successful
Comments  0 Lower speed limits on main roads - Berlin partly successful
Comments  0 Moss meadows trials - Germany no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Motorway bypass - example Mühlhausen, Germany partly successful
Comments  0 Noise barriers - Netherlands partly successful
Comments  0 NOx bubble for airport - Zurich no successful
Comments  0 NOx bubble steel plant – BAT frontrunner: SCR for sintering plant - Linz, Austria no successful
Comments  0 NOx charge - Sweden partly successful
Comments  0 NOx trading - Netherlands no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Obligatory district heating for new buildings - Upper Austria no successful
Comments  0 Onshore power supply - Antwerp no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Onshore power supply - Gothenburg partly successful
Comments  0 Power plants permits beyond BAT - Lombardy no successful
Comments  0 Prohibit open field agricultural waste burning - example Austria no successful
Comments  0 Public transport ticket schemes - example London no successful
Comments  0 Quality Bus Corridor (QBC) or Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) no successful
Comments  0 Redistribution of public space from passenger cars to slow modes - Paris no successful
Comments  0 Residential biomass combustion regulation - Lombardy no successful
Comments  0 Restrictions to HDV through traffic - Stuttgart partly successful
Comments  0 Sectoral ban of transport by trucks of specific goods - Tyrol partly successful
Comments  0 SOx Emission Control Area (SECA) - North Sea, Baltic Sea partly successful
Comments  0 Spatial planning: concentration at major axis of public transportation - example Salzburg no successful
Comments  0 Speed limit of 80km/h on motorway - Rotterdam partly successful
Comments  0 Speed limits on motorways - Tyrol partly successful
Comments  0 Speed reductions for (tug) ships - Antwerp no successful
Comments  0 Stringent emission limit value for domestic heating in inner city areas - Aachen no successful
Comments  0 Stringent emission limit value for domestic heating in inner city areas - Berlin no successful
Comments  0 Subsidizing alternative vehicles - Berlin no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Tackling fuel poverty - UK no successful
Comments  0 The Big Tree Plant: urban street trees and community orchards - London and other communities in the UK no
Comments  0 TiO2 coatings trials to reduce NOx levels - several cities no unsuccessful
Comments  0 Traffic light management and optimization - Graz, Austria partly successful
Comments  0 Urban ventilation - example Dresden no successful

About the Catalogue of Air Quality Measures

This catalogue of measures supports the implementation of the Air Quality Directive by providing a selected number of successful (best practice) and unsuccessful Air Quality measures. This database is intended for officials responsible for air quality assessment, planning and management on the national, regional and local level. It should allow easy access to Air Quality measures that could be useful in specific situations to comply with Air Quality requirements and objectives, and that would also provide insight for officials at all administrative levels in Member States and the EU in the cost-effectiveness of abatement strategies and actions.

The selection of measures is intended to be representative for different circumstances in the EU. It is based on a workshop held by EEA within the Air Implementation Pilot project in February 2013. The attributes of the measures are partly based on those of the future e-Reporting of information on ambient air.

Measures are regarded as being successful when goals (emission reduction, air quality improvements, changes in further indicators) set beforehand by the responsible authority were achieved. Unsuccessful measures are those that did not meet the expectations (e.g. uptake of subsidies), reduction effects are disputed or effects are lower due to improper implementation. This classification is however dependent on specific situations and therefore subjective to some extent. Thus an unsuccessful measure in one place might be successful under different circumstances.

This database has been created from a previous work done by Umweltbundesamt Austria and Ricardo-AEA under a contract from DG ENV.

Measurements attributes

Attribute Description
Title/Name. e-Reporting reference: K.2.2 (Name or title of the measure)
Short Description
Short description of the measure within appr. one sentence
Full Description. e-Reporting reference: K.2.3 (Description of the measure in plain text)
  Classification Measures classification. e-Reporting reference: K.2.4 (Classification of the measure in 35 categories; predefined text according to e-Reporting)
  Type Type of measure. e-Reporting reference: K.2.5 (Type of the measure (part of AQ plan, short term measure,..). predefined according to e-Reporting)
Availability Quantitative
Indicates whether information on impacts and/or costs is available
 Exceedence Scale Spatial scale of air quality exceedance. e-Reporting reference: K.2.10 (Adapted from “Spatial Scale”)
  Impact Scale Spatial scale over which measures should have an impact. e-Reporting reference: K.2.10 (Adapted from “Spatial Scale”)
Measure type characteristics (economic, technical, …). From time extension notifications Form 7sub e
  Pollutant Pollutant coverage: e-Reporting reference: C.4.3: Pollutant(s) addressed by the measure
  Source Sector Affected source sector. e-Reporting reference: K.2.9 (Source sector(s) addressed by the measure)
Pollutant Exceeded
Pollutant(s) exceeded in recent years
Pollutant Level
Level(s) of the pollutant(s) exceeded
Pollutant Year
Year for which the pollutant level(s) are provided
Station Code
Code of station(s) in exceedance. e-Reporting reference: A.2.5.6 (European code of the station(s) in exceedance)
Impact Relative
Relative impact of the measure on emission of the main pollutant in %
Impact Absolute
Change in pollutant level/ambient concentrations (µg/m³). e-Reporting reference: K. (Impact of the measure on pollutant levels of the main pollutant)
Impact Info
Further information on the impact of the measure
Classification of the measure as “successful”, “unsuccessful” or “unknown”
Impact Url
Link to website where information on impact of the measure can be found
Cost Setup
Cost of Introduction (€). e-Reporting reference: K.2.8.1 (Costs of introducing the measure (€))
Cost Running
Running costs of the measure per year (€)
Cost Estimated
Estimated total costs in (€). e-Reporting reference: K.2.8.2 (Total costs of the measure per year (€)
  Time Scale Time for a measure to take effect. e-Reporting reference: K.2.7 (Time scale for a measure to take full effect (short, medium, long term))
  Administrative Level Administrative level on which the measure was taken. e-Reporting reference: K.2.6
Responsibility party / owner of the measure
Update Frequency
Frequency of updates of the measure
Link to website for background information and references
  Topography Topography of the area in exceedance. e-Reporting reference: D.5.2.11 (“Regional dispersion situation”)
  Area Classification Classification of area as urban, suburban or rural. e-Reporting reference: D.5.2.10 (Adapted from “Area Classification”)
NEC Relevance
Classification whether the measure might be of relevance to reduced emissions of NEC pollutants on a national level
Source of the main information on the measure


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